New Banger Thermometers are Here

One of the most common issues customers bring to us at Midtown is that taking dabs is too difficult for them. Overheat your dabs and you are left coughing, burning, and uncomfortable. Underheat your dabs and you won’t get the desired effects whatsoever. Instead of trying to find the perfect temperature through trail by error, come and check out our brand new banger thermometers.

The Dab Rite Digital IR Thermometer is a must have for avid dabbers. Equipped with a flexible arm to fit any size and angle of banger, you can have an accurate temperature reading in a matter of seconds. The Dab Rite also has light and sound indicators to alert you when your banger is over or under heated. Enter a desired temperature into the Dab Rite, and it will alert you once it has been reached.

Looking for something a little more compact? Look no further than The Terpometer. The LCD screen provides instant temperature readings that work on quartz, ceramic, and titanium surfaces. What sets The Terpometer apart is the removable dab tool accessory. Attached, and you have a dab too and therometer in one. Detached, an The Terpometer fits comfortably in your pocket.

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