USA Made Glass- SD 9mm Beaker Bong- Yellow

It’s not easy to find 9mm glass made in Oregon.  This piece can double as home defense.  Perfect dimensions to be stable, hold lots of water, and not blow out the beaker too much.  Plenty of room for your smoke to cool and expand.  You are welcome to call us at 541-345-3337 for custom down stems and nicer bowls.  Or call with any questions please!


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This is as thick as glass gets!  Check out the giant pinches that reduce dead-air volume and reduce splashing.  The color work on the top and bottom looks great.  There is some fuming in the beaker part for color changing effect when it gets dirty.  SD= Sinister Designs made in Medford Oregon.  Extra thick 14mm joint is nicely welded.  Just under 13″ tall.  Very heavy and solid.  A particularly cool color work on this bong.  Includes a baked-on “9mm” graphic and the cool logo w/ Oregon State and Trees!

Weight7 lbs
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