USA Made Glass- Amber and Luke Dry Pipe- Pastel Sherlock

Amber and Luke rock and roll!  17 years of non-stop work.  Midtown Direct is proud to present some of the best quality and most fun designs ever!  Each piece is one of a kind.


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We do our best to take accurate pictures.  It is difficult with hand pipes.  We always try to shoot straight-on, for the most accurate porportions, but that is not possible with this product.  If you are picky about millimeters or tiny flaws, please buy from another website.  We do this for the love, and to do our best!

Sunlight pictures look way different than indoor pics.  (Hence the notion of “Color changing glass.”

Another good reference point is the 1″x 1″ price tag.  In other pics we have folded the price labels over to make a price-label pull-tab.  (So you don’t have to scrape smeg.)  It is obvious which is which.

If you have ANY questions please do not hesitate to call us!  We have operators standing by!  And we are happy to FaceTime your potential investment or do a Zoom call so that you see all the angles in real time!  What other website offer that?!  MIDTOWN RULES!!!

We ship with Fed-Ex, UPS, and USPS. Orders generally ship out the day after an order is placed. Call us at 541-345-3337 if you have any questions...