Oil Rig- Liquid Filled Large Blue

Way fun glycerine-filled dab rig!  Piece includes banger and liquid-filled carb cap.  You can special order a green or red rig by calling us at 541-345-3337, but this blue is tight!


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This color blue looks great!  The banger and liquid-filled carb cap are included.  This rig is weighty with the liquid chamber so it has a nice feel.  It’s for sure stable enough to add-on a reclaim catcher which makes lots of sense to use with a piece like this.  The liquid injection port is sealed with a flexible bit that seems durable, as we have sold a dozen and haven’t heard of any problems.  Don’t pick at the tiny seal obviously…  The liquid is glycerine so in theory you could put it in a freezer without any damage.  We suggest not putting it in a freezer, it just creates problems.  We do suggest that it will look great on your dab station!

Weight2 lbs
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