Oil Rig- GB Blasted Seed Cycler

This oil rig is very high quality.  The sandblasting looks too perfect to have been done with stickers.  Maybe lazer etching?  No idea!  Every detail seems extremely well thought out.  The welds look too perfect to be human made.  Again, no idea!  The perk window is brilliant at showing off the seed-of-life percolator.  Kind of like a supercar with a glass hatchback so you can see the exotic engine…  Basic banger included.


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  • Height: 9″
  • Base: 3.5″
  • Perk: Seed of Life
  • Joint: 14mm
  • Includes a basic ass banger

The latest addition to the GB Sandblasted Collection, the “GB Blasted Seed Cycler” features a fully frosted design with a sacred seed “window”. This in-cycler style rig features an intricately designed, inverted “Sacred Seed of Life” perk, a reinforced joint, and the signature “GB” logos in an all new negative sand blasting.  No idea what negative sandblasting is.  Actually that’s a lie.  We can conceive of the idea, but using a laser to make frosted glass clear?!  Whoa!  There is a dimple frumunder the rig to put a LED light disk.

Weight5 lbs
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