Oil Rig- Fun and Funky 6″ with a bent neck and tube arms

This rig must have been difficult to build.  The lack of constrictions in the arm welds is impressive.  Low restriction airflow is a testimony to the overall build quality.


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This cool 6 Inch Recycler Oil Rig with the common 14mm fitting is a very functional piece.  It looks complicated, however the black “plug” doesn’t pull out.  In other words, it is decorative and is not removable.  It would made a cool hanger for a bracelet or something to that effect.  The water does recycle in a sense but we would not call it’s function as a true recycler.  This is because it is not actively flushing, it is using bubble action and gravity.  The design is based around trying to stop water getting to your lips.  It does this quite effectively.  The banger fitting is at a bit of an angle.  It is not exactly 90′.  The pics show how a 90′ banger will fit.  Easily workable in our minds.  We would not suggest adding a reclaim catcher to this fun and funky oil rig.

What’s Included:

  • 1 basic banger
Weight3 lbs
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