Flower Bong- Straight tube with glow-in-the-dark perc

Percolators do a great job of providing extra filtration.  Straight tubes are nice because they are thick throughout, require less air to flush during a bong-hit, and requires less initial removal of dead-air space to get to the smoke.  So basically, the less dead-air volume in your bong, the easier it is to get to the smoke, and clear the tube.  This tube has just enough room to allow your smoke to cool and expand so you can enjoy the flavor and not cough as much as a smaller or bigger bong.  A reclaim catcher is a great ash catching solution for this bong.  It doesn’t make the set-up tippy and it keeps your piece much cleaner.


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Just when you thought that you’d seen it all…  Many customers are attracted to this straight tube because if it’s non-intimidating dimensions.  People will often say it’s the perfect size for their needs.  When you put a blacklight to the mystery powder material, it glows quite bright.  It doesn’t glow all night, but it’s easy to charge up in sunlight for a heck of an effect for awhile.  Percs are easy to clean with a good bong cleaner.  We like the Randy’s black label for perc cleaning due to the smaller ratio of salt, and also smaller granules that are less apt to get stuck in the percolator.

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