Flower Bong DG Mini Beaker 8″

There is a tool for every job.  This is a do-it-all git ‘er done device.  It works for breakfast and desert, and every snack in-between!  This is the smallest size bong that utilizes universal parts.  And it is perfect for taking on a trip when you can’t bring it back.  In 20 years of slinging glass, Midtown Direct has never been able to offer a better deal than this on a solid, quality, 8 inch tall wonder bong.


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  • The best price we can offer!

Some ways this wonderful product will benefit your life!  —>

  • Small enough to hide.  Stealth matters…
  • Utilizes universal parts (bowl and down-stem are replaceable and easily obtainable and upgradable).
  • Dishwasher clean-able.
  • Big enough to allow smoke to expand and cool.  Most people cough less with this size than anything smaller.
  • Small enough to allow an easy full flush each hit.
  • A small amount of dead-air space allows you to get your hit faster and fresher.
  • The beaker shape is stable.
  • There are indentations that some people call an ice-pinch.  Midtown Direct encourages all peoples to not use ice in a bong.  The heath consideration is a myth.  These indentations have a few purposes.  They reduce dead-air volume (minimally) and help stop splashing up the tube and into your mouth-hole.
  • This is the most comprehensive list of reasons to buy China glass ever.  We suggest a made in Oregon product.  But there is nothing else available, anywhere, for this price and it is a best seller that we re-stock weekly…
Weight3 lbs
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