Face masks are not our fight.

Midtown Direct Smoke Shop Bend Oregon requires masks like everyplace else. That would seem simple, right? Why would you come to a positive-energy vibration smoke shop to dump your mask issues on us? Everyone has a bad day, we get that, and we want you to come in, so we can change that!

Midtown is part of the Union of Santa’s Bong Elfs, we are NOT mask enforcement political leaders to be lobbied. See the difference?!

We offer free masks outside the door. It is not difficult to put it on (correctly) before entry. It’s difficult for us to contain our smiles when you come in! But we have to behind a mask, nowadays. We think you will feel the warmth of the shop’s glow, the moment you walk, or wheel in. We have worked very hard to bring our guests that feeling of “WOW! Cool!” This is the key to our success for almost 2 decades!

Our shop was designed around COVID and we have 3-4 HEPA filters between staff and guests at all times. Our point-of-sale checkout system is no-touch with apple-pay, google-pay, apple-watch, or a dip of the chip on your card. No buttons to press. State of the art. We pride ourselves on that!

Our air-flow is moving in the ways that the most current scientific information is telling us to. No other shops seem to take this as seriously as we do. The full-blast setting on the filters are set-up to the sides (45′- 90′ angles) of the customer-employee interaction. This is not a scientific article blog post obviously, but science tells us to not put that air purifier between us. That is extrapolated information from tons of data, that only Midtown Direct has developed. Hope that make you feel warm and fuzzy!

We are ALSO careful to vent in tons of fresh air. That’s why, lot’s of times in the winter, our front door is open. And yes, we burn incense outside to lure the hippies in. And if you come in and tell us you like the incense smell, then we know that you are not displaying COVID symptoms. See how that works? No Lazer thermometer on your forehead to get in. But mention the burning incense outside, and we will be extra tail-wag happy.

If you are sick, PLEASE don’t come in. Shop online, stop by, and pick it up in your vehicle. Midtown Direct has been built on happy people having wonderful experiences. That is what we do. We don’t tolerate people pulling up a t-shirt as a mask and being a dick to make themselves feel better. Take that crap elsewhere and your $ please. Again, no other shop, as far as we know, even nationwide, has this level of virus prevention technology or set-up that we sport on the daily… Come on in and enjoy the fun! Bring us some simple respect, and we will try to blow your mind with ideas and ways to get elevated! We love the opportunity to serve you! Let us do it in style and with grace!

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