New Special K Creations BONGs in stock! WOW!

We love a good boro/ pyrex clear classic beaker. It’s a typical go-to. But let’s be honest here, most of those bongs are rather plain and bland looking. If you brought a typical beaker to a 420 tree-burning party (pre-Covid), it would probably take you a good minute to recognize it, amongst the others, at the end of the night. Where is the color? The pop? The uniqueness that should make all your friends go “ooooooooooooo wooooow!”

It’s here at Midtown Direct now, and soft-glass is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Soft-glass refers to the process of starting with a molten ball of glass melted from what looks like sand in a glory-hole furnace, very similar to the process that has been evolved over 1000s of years of human history. Special K Creations is a cornerstone brand we have carried since day 1, back in 2003. OG together for 18 years!!!

You don’t need to be a big smoker to appreciate the art that is a Special K piece. Made in Eugene Oregon, each piece is handmade with actual human lung power, and a team of cool people, all sweating and working closely together as a team. The process to make these bongs is extremely difficult. Function is absolutely not sacrificed for form. Special K’s hit like champs! They are tough, durable, and quite heavy! They tend to have less dead-air space than other designs. That is advantageous for getting smoke deeper into your lungs, and less smoke to try to clear out of the bong when you pull the bowl. If you don’t understand this, please stop in so we can take some time to show you with helpful visual aids.

Not only are the all pieces each individually hand-crafted, they’re also truly one-of-a-kind artworks. With wild and often contrasting colors, and cool new combinations, Special K’s pieces have that pop and flare that catches the eyes of anyone and everyone. They are using more of that super shiny dichroic material that looks out of this world! Plus these bongs can serve double-duty as a cool flower vase for when your non-bong-hitting friends visit. Simply pull the down-stem and bowl out, and insert the flowers in the top, and you can proudly display it on the mantle…

When you buy a Special K bong, not only are you supporting a local Oregon Business, you have also purchased the bragging rights that you own a truly one-of a kind piece of artwork.. Be forewarned, your friends will likely want to pick it up, shine a light on it, twirl it around, and most importantly ask, “Where the hell did you get this amazing bong?!”

Midtown Direct Smoke Shop is proud to offer these bongs online. They can be had to find on the internet. We sell them so fast in the shop, being one-of-a-kinds, that’s its difficult to keep track of stock vs. what is shown on the internet. We do our best, but sometimes there is a day lag to get the website caught up when we sell a piece in the shop in beautiful Bend, Oregon.

We just sold another Special K while this post was being written! Gotta get back to it! Feel free to call us at 541-345-7447 and we can tell you when the next big drop is due, or to verify that we have a particular piece in-stock that you see online. Big thanks for reading, as always! Cheers!!

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