Midtown Direct in Bend!

Midtown Direct opened it’s new location in Bend Oregon this week! The location is 833 NE Greenwood Ave. Bend, OR 97701.

Our new showroom was designed around COVID-19. We have 3 HEPA Air Filters continuously pumping full-blast as well as an all new, state-of-the-art, hands free, checkout system! Additionally, we constantly make sure to circulate fresh air from outside. There is air flowing throughout the shop at all times.

Midtown Direct is operating under the same philosophy that has guided us for the last 17 years. We strive to try harder, to do more, and to offer a better product at the best possible price. Our tag line is “We sell everything except the greens! We LOVE what we do. We want to show you the latest in high tech, or low tech, high price, or low price. Whatever it is that fits your needs directly we are happy to help.

We are quickly selling out of $40 dab rigs that include a quartz banger worth $15. Not to worry, more will be arriving soon. We are offering package deals when you buy a carb cap, dab mat, dab tool, and a rig. You can also get a drop-down adapter to keep the oil out of your rig in the package discount.

We just restocked he extremely popular Randy’s Path Electronic Nectar Collectors! For $34.99 you can get the nectar collector with a quartz tip that heats very fast and holds the perfect temp for dabbing out of a silicone dish or a glass jar. The Path is way cool because you and unscrew the tip and use it as a battery for a 510-thread pre-filled oil cartridge! Double duty with a 1 year warranty!

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