Holy Crap There’s BONGS in That Window!

The rumors are true. If you have taken a drive down Greenwood Ave this week some flashes of color may have caught the corner of your eye. Your mind isn’t playing tricks on you, those flashes of color are our bongs in our brand new WINDOW bong display. No longer do bongs need to be kept behind counters, under shelves, or “in the back.” Gone are the days of “water pipes” and “slides.” Midtown instead welcomes the present. Come and drive by and gawk, point, and take pictures. When you are ready to come inside and see those bad boys close up, we will be waiting for!

Our bongs featured in our window display are all made in Oregon and include Special K soft-glass, MIO (made in Oregon) glass, and Emperial Glass. We are proud to support local artists and have them on display for all of Bend to see. Check out some of our current selection under the “beaker” section of our website.

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