February Bundle is Here

It’s no secret that cannabis culture has always been intertwited with the environmental movement. So why are we so okay with dispensaries current exit bags? We all know those hard little plastic tubes are damaging and not environmentally friendly, so why do we keep turning a blind eye? while it seems like bringing in a reusable container would be the answer, Oregon laws require exit bags to be opaque and childproof, eliminating seemingly easy solutions such as mason jars. Luckily at Midtown, we have an incredible solution to the exit bag problem.

They’re called Re:Stash Jars, and they’re the perfect product you never knew you needed. Made from a regular mason jar, Re:Stash jars have a childproof lid and a silicone cover, making them Oregon Law compliant. You can reuse them time and time again, and save yourself from exit bag guilt. For the month of February when you add a Re:Stash jar to your purchase you’ll take 10% your total! There is only a few weeks left for this bundle so make sure to stop in or click down below to get yours today.

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