Clean Your Piece!

Are we ever going to acknowledge how gross smoking can be? If you don’t take the time to maintain your piece, gunk will pile up and pile up fast. A dirty piece means harsher hits, nasty taste, clogged weed, and even an increased risk for respiratory infections. Bottom line is you need to keep your shit sparkling. Most seasoned smokers swear by isopropol and salt. However thanks to Covid-19, most household cleaning agents are nearly impossible to get a hold of. By the time you finally elbow someone out of the way to grab the last bottle, your piece may be so gunked up with resin that the agent merely makes a dent in the filth.

Well it’s a good thing Midtown once again has the perfect solution. Randy’s Black Label Cleaner is what your filthy piece has been desperately craving. Designed specifically for smoking glass and metal, Randy’s is notorious for getting your gross piece clean on the very first try. Just pour, shake, soak, and rinse. No more resin stuck to your fingers, no more burning your nose hairs off, not more hacking up a lung. Best part? We have it for only 8.99!

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