About us

We are a next-generation full-service smoke shop with 20 years of history!

Midtown Direct has been in business in Oregon for 20 years!!!!  

No other shop on Earth offers the selection, service, and style of Midtown Direct. Midtown is the first smoke shop to offer pre-owned product alongside new items.  Midtown Direct is the best online glass dealer and local retailer.  Top 10 best is in our review mirror.  Starting in 1996 we provided the first Pre-Owned Glass Selection on Earth.  Midtown supports dozens of local artists!  Always have and always will!  Local artists in 2003 fronted us glass their glass to get started.  The no BS approach of being a legitimate tax paying, employee hiring, and insured Headshop was completely novel at the time.  

The Midtown vision has always been to be the cleanest, most well kept, most pristine, most lit, and most enjoyable retail experience that you have ever experienced.  If you don’t walk in and say “WOW!!!” then we feel like we failed.  We pride ourselves on providing a stimulating experience where you leave knowing more about smoking tools and hopefully that serves you well.  

Midtown grew from a two person crew to a 10 employee staff in a few years.  No other Smoke Shop has sold out a 1000 seat theater venue with an homegrown event that gave away $15k in glass that was donated by brands that reciprocated our love…

We physically separate entire displays of locally made glass from the best quality import glass, so that you can clearly see all the differences and have all the possible choices. The level of expertise of our staff is very apparent. Midtown Direct is Central Oregon’s best retail spot to find  basic parts, tough to find parts, the newest electronic devices, replacement atomizers, and the best glass and smoking deals anywhere!  Elf Bars sell for $20…

We care about our community.  Unlike most smoke shops we do NOT sell “oil burners” that are commonly used to inhale meth and other hard drugs.  Midtown Direct is 100% Bend Oregon-based.  We are here for the beautiful trails, a great snow-riding mountain and backcountry, and an overall human and dog-friendly environment.

All of our bubble-wrap and plastic packing materials are 100% recycled.  We haven’t needed to buy ANY bubblewrap or shipping peanuts in many years because of our intensive recycling efforts.

How many shops count your change back correctly?  Midtown Direct is one of the last shops around to show how it’s really done! 

We try hard EVERYDAY and hope that our effort shines through!  Thanks for your time and we hope to serve you soon!  Cheers!  


Operating for over 19 years


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Customer rating

The highest quality local and import glass at the best prices ever!.”

~ Johnny B.

Midtown Direct is proud to be offering the best prices ever!  These 14″ beakers sold for $60 in 2020.  Last year we were able to sell them for $50.  Now, in 2022, we are delighted to offer the same product for just $40!!!  Inflation is hitting hard, and we know that.  We work hard everyday to save you money while providing the best quality and all the newest smoking technology!  Check out internet prices.  MIDTOWN RULES!!!!

– MidtownRich