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Established in 2003

Thanks for checking out MIDTOWN Direct LLC.  We got our start after the ridiculous  “Operation Pipe Dream” glass bust in 2003.  We are proud of our store and the way it serves our community.   We have built something special.   We love what we do and we care passionately passionately about helping people find great deals on smoking tools.  We are the hardware store that helps you re-wire your software in a sense.  We have created sustainable jobs.  We took a black market industry and helped to legitimized it.  We have helped elevate many artists and businesses over the years.  That energy is constantly at work…  

We emit almost no waste as we recycle.  We are proud to promote positive energy and charge our clientele with good vibes every time they stop in.  Come experience a mom and pop shop with happy employees that actually care.  Employees are valued at Midtown Direct, above and beyond anything else by far.
Thanks for listening.  Midtown is different.  Please check us out if you smoke.  We sign no big-tobacco contracts!  Yes you can save $ on cartons elsewhere.  We don’t want that niche.  We still weigh out grams and ounces of bulk tobacco.  We have come up with a few good ways to save you money and rolling-your-own one of them.   Only have $1 for tobacco?  No problem, we can bag you a few grams of smoke to help you save your money for other things.